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Assembly line charging technology

Innovative concept allows automated assembly of AC charging cables

The market share of electric vehicles is growing steadily. Accordingly, the charging infrastructure must also be further expanded to ensure… Readon
Battery Production - Small Series

Flexible assembly line for small series production of battery systems

The call-off figures in the e-mobility sector are still relatively low compared to conventional vehicles. When now considering the… Readon
Assembly Line Cell Contacting Processes

The cell contacting system as an important component in the battery module

Numerous pre-assembly processes are necessary when assembling the complete battery module. The so-called cell contacting system (CCS) must… Readon
Assembly technology Audi e-tron GT

High-end assembly technology for the Audi e-tron GT electric sports car

As an automation specialist in the automotive industry, AKE technologies GmbH develops and produces assembly test systems for a wide… Readon
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